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Harald Veenker

After having terrorized the neighbourhood for some six years by hammering away at his parents’ piano, Harald decided to take up drumming and bought himself a proper drum kit. From that moment on, things only got worse for his neighbours. One year later he formed his first band, and soon other bands followed. He played in a cover band for about 25 years, and became friends with some of his fellow musicians. However, the desire to be part of a band which played original music never left him. So, in 2005 Harald joined Kramer, an Amsterdam-based prog-rock band. Kramer enabled him to do what he had always wanted to do; to perform on real stages, at real venues. In the Netherlands, they frequently played at places such as Paradiso, de Boerderij, de Bosuil, Hedon and de Kade. Later, the band also set off to neighbouring countries such as Germany and the UK, and even played in Lithuania. Unfortunately, the band eventually imploded.

In early 2010, Harald and bass player Jeroen Vriend met up with Rob IJpelaan. With Rob playing odd time signatures, such as 7/8 and 9/8 and the occasional 10/8 rhythm, the journey took an interesting turn.

This new route happened to align nicely with Harald’s musical preference, which nowadays includes acts such as UK, Steven Wilson, Frank Zappa, Radiohead and Sjako!, that well-kept Dutch secret.

After having fiddled around in their own studio for a few years, the time has come for them to go out into the real world and start performing live. They have recently released their first album and already have enough material for a second one.

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