Boudewijn Geels

From the age of seven, I had piano lessons. Pretty soon I tried to play along with the radio, but our old piano was hopelessly out of tune. I solved that problem when I was sixteen, buying my first keyboard, a Roland Juno-106. Three months later I joined a band.

But I got annoyed by having to stand still behind my synth during gigs. I saw Geert de Groot, bass player of the Amsterdam rock band Fatal Flowers, being extremely cool during a show in De Koog and concluded: I want that too! Therefore I bought myself a cheap Washburn bass.

I hopped from band to band, from style to style. Blues, blues rock, prog rock, hard rock, punk rock: I'm a musical omnivore. I played with singer/actor/comedian/awarded tv star/rocket scientist (I may have forgotten a few) Jeroen van Koningsbrugge in the Black Daniels, the forerunner of stoner rock band Zeus. Before Milky Way Gas Station I slammed the bass in the eardrum blistering metal band Vexation.

Being a big fan of bands like Rush, Riverside, Pink Floyd and Steven Wilson I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard Somewhere / Anywhere. And I became more and more amazed when I played it more often. There’s so much happening on that album! And what great musicians! Since December 2018 I may call myself the bass player of MWGS.

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