Jeroen Vriend - Milky Way Gas Station
Jeroen Vriend

Wanted to play bass, without knowing that he wanted to play bass at all. Yeah, that drumthing with the tone. After he built his own bass (a guitar was cheaper to build, but a bass was easier to play) it was a bingo! Played Gershwin on his first bass, and stepped it up a notch in a trashmetalband. With that, and a big band, coverband, newsoul band and a symfonic rockband Kramer, he ended up in a prog band called MilkyWayGasStation. Allthough he doesn't like prog to listen too, it is his favourite music to play. So at concerts, don't even bother to ask him about his favourite progband/musician/album or gear/bass/strings. Ok, for this time: dunno/dunno either/idem, and loudandbig/white/4; DAEB. But pour a beer in it and it will go for hours and hours.

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