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Rob Ijpelaan

My musical career started at the age of 8, when I heard pounding beat of the John Kongos song “He’s Gonna Step on You Again”. As soon as the first notes came through the speakers, I had to get my bow and play along on my single-string guitar.It became more serious on my 14th birthday, when I exchanged the watch I got from my parents, for my first real guitar. A Randall.

Late 1978, Canadian band Rush came up with their album “Hemispheres”. Until this day, it remains one of my all time favourite albums that changed my taste of music forever. Its complexity, the musicianship and especially the odd time signatures had an immense attraction to me. 

Rush played Pinkpop in 1979 on 4th of June. I had to go there but my parents didn’t allow me because it was my birthday. That fact made the album feel even more my soulmate in vinyl. 

I never could afford any guitar lessons but I was determined. I bought a Kiss guitar book and tried to play the chords, which were shown above the lyrics. In the early nineties, I played in a wild Funk rock band called jack Boot Bunny and made two albums. The first album was one of the very first self-released albums ever. It appeared in 1991 called “Three Hotdogs and Freakadel”. 

In the late nineties I opened my African Art Gallery and started to record my own music, music without any boundaries. That project brought me the invitation from the band Kramer to sing in their band.

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