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Sven van der Heijde

In my whole family, there are a lot of musicians. My father played jazz with his saxophone and clarinet but unfortunately he passed away when both him and me were very young. That was a great loss for me because he might have discovered my musical talent sooner and could have stimulated me to do more with that talent. It took me some time to discover for myself that I wanted to play music. At first I thougt I wanted to play the drums but in the end I fell in love with the bassguitar only by hearing and seeing this instrument.

Long story short: I bought one and started lessons. After a few years of intense studying, I started playing in bands and that made the feeling complete. I played different styles like disco, funk, rock and - of course - jazz in small school bands but also in serious bands. The last decade, my interest for prog rock has grown and I started to dig in…

Until recently, I only played in coverbands but I always dreamt of playing in a band that composed and arranged their own music. And suddenly in 2019 I stumbled upon MWGS, or rather; they found me on this website for musicians. We started talking and after a few auditions and some rehearsals, I may now call myself the official MWGS bassplayer and to be honest; I'm kind of proud! I am utterly motivated to make this experience a succes and hope to have a wonderfull time with this band.

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